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Bernie's Water Conditioning / FM Salt Delivery

Comprehensive service

We offer repairs as well as installations for water filtration systems. Over our 60 years in business there is no problem that we haven’t seen and nothing we can’t do for you. We take a sample and thoroughly analyze it for your benefit. Our experts find you the best solutions, and we serve you at low rates.

Get solutions for your water problems by calling us today.


Look for signs of unhealthy water

There are a variety of different things that could signal that there are problems with your water. If you notice that your water has a funny smell it didn’t have before, a new discoloration, or anything else unusual, get your water tested today.


It is important that you get your water tested quickly when you suspect problems because the longer you wait the more likely you are to get sick.

Our water solutions

We guarantee that you will love your new water filtration system.

  • Water filtration systems

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Filters

  • Custom-built systems

  • Instant relief

Signs of bad water

  • Bad odor

  • Rusty or cloudy water

  • Sediment

  • Gritty water

  • Water stained dishes, clothes and       fixtures

  • Water heater problems

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